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Bento Cakes

Our healthy cakes in bento boxes comes in your favorite flavors

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Our three layered mousse cake consists of oreo crushed as base with dark and white belgian chocolate mousse

Flower Cakes

A chiffon base round cakes with real beautiful flowers to make it more appealing. Can also choose fruit for inside cake filling; mango or strawberry.

Fondant Cake


Fondant Cake is reserved 30 days in advance. Please consult customer service for details

A sugary fondant cakes which can choose from two different inside cake filling flavor mango or strawberry. Just send us any design and will make you dream fondant cake come true. 

Fruit Cakes

A chiffon based cake also that comes with two different filling for inside the cake, customer can choose from mango or strawberry. Rich and plenty of healthy fruits on top of your cakes

Mini Cakes

Our flavorful cakes in small but satisfying serving comes per piece with the flavor of your choice

Mousse Cakes

soft creamy with fresh fruits chiffon based mousse cakes


Four pieces fluffy chiffon stuffed with your choice of custard or rice cake flavor